New Zealand sheep


I love this land

New Zealand landscapes take my breath away.  I feel a profound connection to this land.

Our farming forebears made New Zealand sheep country. Wool became the backbone of our economy, and close grazing accentuates the muscles and sinews of the land.  


Our moral fibre

Wool's remarkable portfolio of performance and sustainability characteristics is enhanced by selecting wool grown and processed in New Zealand, from naturally coloured sheep. As well as offering a timeless and pleasing colour palette, avoiding dyeing significantly reduces water and energy use; wool is nature's miraculous luxury fibre that the planet can afford.


My niche

As a scientist I worked with structural proteins and while the molecular parallels tickle me, it’s as a designer weaving wool that I have found my niche.  These designs connect the strands of my being. My head knows the wonder of wool and woven structures, my hands the joy of weaving and my soul belongs in the land that nurtures it. I hope my work connects with and nurtures you too.